Crash & Burn pilot teaser is a stunt-comedy goldmine

Lance Krall, Tony Hawk and Lee Majors. Three names with seemingly no connection, except for the fact that these men are working on a pilot related to the lives of folks in the stunt industry. We would've said the lives of stunt men, but there are clearly (very clearly) women in this industry as well.

The pilot is called Crash & Burn... and it's hilarious. The producers for the pilot are skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and actor Lance Krall, who you probably recognize as the Karate instructor from an episode of the Office where Michael and Dwight take each other on. Maybe. Either way, Krall portrays a stunt "actor" looking to get into the industry, and he appears to be learning the ropes from far more seasoned vets.

Click past the jump to watch the teaser clip. A word of warning, however, as some of the language is not safe for work.

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