Tesla posts record revenue of $58 million in 2nd quarter, stock price plummets

On Wednesday, Tesla Motors, the U.S.-based electric automaker partially backed by Toyota and Daimler, announced second-quarter revenue of $58 million, marking the firm's highest reported revenue in a single quarter to date. In a conference call with analysts, a geeked Elon Musk, Tesla's chief executive officer, stated:
This was the best quarter in Tesla's history. It was just phenomenal across the board.
Which brings us to what investors call revenue versus loss. Alongside the record revenues, Tesla posted a second-quarter loss of $58.9 million, a drop of roughly 53 cents a share. According to Mercury News, since Wall Street analysts predicted Tesla to lose only 51 cents a share, the automaker's stock plummeted after closing Wednesday at $27.20. Stock prices are currently at $24.71. The electric automaker chalked up the increased loss to massive investments for the upcoming Model S and Model X.

Despite Tesla's significant second-quarter loss, Andrea James, analyst with Dougherty and Company, remains bullish in regards to Tesla's future:
This is not a typical company, where you look at earnings quarter to quarter, or even from last year. It's a company that's building and growing, and we really look ahead to what Tesla will do in 2012 and 2013.
Here's to Tesla's electrified future.

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