German enthusiasts show true passion for rockabilly and rat rods

The event is called Rust and Dust, but this year that dust was replaced with rain and mud. Still, the attendees of this automotive festival in Teterow, Germany arrived in large numbers to share their passion for rockabilly, rat rods and racing. The rain attempted to dampen spirits, but it was powerless against these German fans of American old school.

The language is different, but the cars and music are the same. So is the enthusiasm for the style, and it comes through in the following video, which has subtitles but almost doesn't even need them.

OK, that's not true... we need the subtitles. Still, the video shows a group of car enthusiasts gathering to hang out and enjoy their shared love, regardless of the weather. At first it seems odd, due to the language being spoken (and occasional Audi and Opel logo), but it quickly becomes mesmerizing. Click past the jump to see for yourself.

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