NASCAR stars Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon both own Chevrolet Volts [w/video]

While we'd say most NASCAR drivers are famous for their overly aggressive, on-track fuel-conservation tactics, we wouldn't expect racing legends Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon to be all that concerned with fuel economy beyond the confines of the track. Turns out, we're wrong.

While Johnson and Gordon drive Chevy Impalas on the track, they are both proud owners of a Chevrolet Volt, as is Juan Pablo Montoya. As you can see in the "Faces of GMNASCAR Stars on their Volts" clip after the jump, you'll hear Johnson say of the Volt, "'s an efficient car and it works" and Gordon describe the plug-in's acceleration like this, "It takes off and puts you in the back seat." Admittedly, Johnson and Gordon talk of the Volt in a far-too-PR-ish sort of way, but the video is worthy of at least a glance. Wouldn't it be fun to see these guys say these sorts of things to Neil Cavuto?

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