Video: John Goodman Gets Over The Midlife Crisis Mobile

Gone In Sixty Seconds

Though John Goodman describes his 2003 Mercedes S-500 as "a wonderful automobile, best car I ever owned," he hasn't always felt so comfortable with luxury.

That's not a huge surprise, given the Missouri native whose mother bought him a $500 1961 Ford Fairlane when he began community college. The Mercedes is a far cry from those humble beginnings. At the fourth season premiere of TV hit "Damages," Goodman offered his perspective on automotive flashiness:

"I love cars, but after you reach a certain age, you just look like you're trying to hard," he said.

That didn't prevent the "Roseanne" and "Big Lebowski" actor from snagging a midlife crisis vehicle:

"Oh, yeah," he admitted. "I bought me a Harley."

To complement the 1994 Harley Davidson 1340 Softail Custom, he sported a full-out biker look -- but he says he did that merely for safety reasons.

"The leather jacket was necessary, cause I had to lay a bike down one time," he said. "I just got in some gravel that I couldn't handle."

Fashion aside, Goodman noted the true value of car travel, as his time spent without a ride has had lasting consequences.

"I used to hitchhike and walk everywhere, so now I need knee replacements," he said.

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