Audi A8 a hot seller out of the gates, nearly 60% boost in production planned

Audi has a hot seller on its hands. If we forced you to guess which model (and didn't let you read the title of this post), you might assume that we'd be talking about the A6 or even the Q5. Nope. The four-ringed automaker is watching its all-new 2011 A8 flagship sedan doing its best impression of hot cakes.

In fact, the stylish luxo-barge is selling so well that it's required Audi to hire more plant workers. According to Automotive News, Audi is boosting production of the A8 by 57 percent, and it needs more hands on deck to help keep the lines moving at the automaker's Neckarsulm, Germany assembly plant. The A8 still has a ways to go in matching its German luxury brethren for global volume, but the new model appears to be on the right track.

Audi A8 Information

Audi A8

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