Showcasing the strange sights of the Woodward Dream Cruise

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When we think Woodward Dream Cruise, thoughts of muscle cars and golden oldies pass between our ears. But while we're all about the painstakingly restored classics, there is always a little room in our hearts for anything emanating from the land of misfit rides.

Whether you're talking about Elvis himself, a murdered out Dodge Grand Caravan, a perfectly restored Merkur XR4Ti (who does that?) or a run of-the-mill Pontiac Grand Prix emblazoned with airbrush artwork from the band Kiss, Dream Cruise 2011 featured more than its fair share of automotive oddities. We even saw a Gremlin, and it was still running! And the Ford Thunderbird with the ill-conceived aero kit? You may want to skip that one.

We can go on all day, but you're better off if you simply click on our image gallery of the strange sights from the 2011 Woodward Dream Cruise.

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