Batpod and Tumblers spotted filming with Catwoman stunt double aboard

Fans are flocking to the Pittsburgh set of the newest installment in the Batman franchise, The Dark Knight Rises. If we lived nearby, we'd be there all the time as well – the action consists of a fleet of Tumblers, a handful of fight scenes, the Batpod and random glimpses of Ms. Anne Hathaway. When Hathaway isn't catching the affection of the camera lens, however, it is her stunt double that gets to clamp down on the Batpod throttle.

What's it like to ride that unique Lucius Fox creation? We imagine it's a tough undertaking, but the stunt double keeps the seemingly heavy and unwieldy bike upright with ease. That doesn't mean accidents won't happen, but in the clip posted after the jump we see Catwoman B getting some pointers.

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