Customized BMW 1 Series M Coupe makes Munich weep

When you own a car, you have every right to customize it as you see fit. There are certain cars, however, that, when customized, will elicit strong reactions from fellow enthusiasts. One of those is the new BMW 1 Series M Coupe. If you're going to customize one, make sure you do it right. That is, do the opposite of what this particular 1M owner did.

We could overlook certain elements of this highly "stylized" 1M, such as the, um... Okay, forget it. There's nothing to overlook. This car is ugly, and there are more pictures of it posted in a forums thread, courtesy of user Lambo91.

Thanks for snapping the pics Lambo91, you owe us a bottle of eye bleach.

BMW 1 Series M Information

BMW 1 Series M

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