Live streaming by Ustream
We're here at the 2011 Woodward Dream Cruise and instead of doing our usual from-the-office live stream, we've decided we're takin' it to the streets – literally. We've strapped a camera to the side of a 2011 Chrysler Town & Country minivan and will be doing laps up and down Woodward Avenue to bring you the sights of the Dream Cruise right from the street view.

From our live stream, you'll see plenty of classic machinery, mostly from right here in the Motor City. From muscle cars to sports cars and massive pickup trucks, there's plenty here for any kind of automotive enthusiast.

If you can't be here yourself, we're offering you the next best thing, with help from our friends at LiveU and ReplayXD.

UPDATE: As you can see, the feed is no longer live. It's about to rain, and the day is starting to wind down. Stay tuned for our round-up galleries in the coming days.

Finally, make sure to check out this video made from our friends at AOL Autos who are honoring the Motor City with an entire week of content dedicated to Detroit.

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