Yabba-Dabba Don't: Do Not Try This Braking Technique At Home

A Man In Detroit Tries To Stop His Car With His Feet

Warning to readers: though Fred Flintstone may have been able to brake his car with his feet, the physics of cartoons does not play out in real life.

A 24-year-old in the Detroit metro area did not get this vital memo when attempting to stop his car when the brakes failed. Actually, he told police he knew the brakes weren't working on his pickup truck, but he had to do something for work. So he figured he'd try using his feet.

He hit four vehicles along his two-mile Goesbeck Highway adventure -- all the while dangling his feet outside of the car in an attempt to slow it, ClickOnDetroit reported.

Surprisingly, he wasn't drunk or otherwise impaired, police said. He was hit with a citation for reckless driving and his driver's license was suspended.

Note to readers: You cannot use a dinosaur as a crane. You also can't suspend yourself in mid-air, only falling once you realize you'e stepped off hard ground, a la Wile E. Coyote. You also cannot disarm a robber by yelling Expelliarmus and waving a wand at them, like our fictional friends in the Harry Potter books.

Video of the driver weaving through traffic is above.

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