How far would you drive for your favorite pizza?

In southeast Michigan, there is a restaurant called Cloverleaf Pizza. Growing up, I'd ride my bike with a friend to the 'Leaf and split an eight-slice cheese and pepperoni pizza. In fact, I liked the pizza so much that I eventually got a job there as a bus boy – in part because employees got 50 percent off their dinner order. But as much as I love Cloverleaf, the 25 mile trek from my current residence limits me to about three trips a year.

Charles Schuler is apparently a much bigger fan of his favorite pizza, as Good Morning America reports that the Mississippi resident drove 1,400 miles in his Ford Escape to Town Spa Pizza in Stoughton, Massachusetts so he can eat his favorite pie. More precisely, Schuler picked up 150 pies for the not-so-low price of $1,200.

The trick to getting all those pizzas to arrive in Mississippi without being a soggy mess is to vacuum seal them after they are partially cooked. And Schuler didn't have to make any stops for food on the way home either, since he also brought a few fully cooked pies to munch on while on the road. Hit the jump to watch a report from GMA.

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