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Nissan takes a shot at other automakers hit by Japan quake [w/poll]

The March 11 earthquakes in Japan took a huge toll on all of Japan's automakers. And while some companies, like Nissan, are recovering quicker than others, it's not exactly something to brag about. Or is it?

Nissan's two most recent advertising spots tout the fact that its dealerships have a better inventory than competitors, like Honda or Toyota – two car companies hit much worse by the earthquake catastrophes. Speaking to Automotive News, Nissan's vice president of sales and marketing, Al Castignetti, states that while Nissan was affected by the disaster's aftermath, the company is faring better than others and his dealerships are very well-stocked at the moment – a 54-day supply in most cases.

Follow the jump to watch both of Nissan's latest ad spots, especially the first one, titled "Car Carrier." Then, let us know if you think Nissan's latest ads are fair game or a cheap shot by voting in our poll below. Sound off with your full reactions in the Comments, as well.

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