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BMW 3 Series Touring drops some camo

BMW builds a great wagon. You would be forgiven for forgetting that, what with the recent product lineup featuring the ugly duckling, hunchback-shaped 5 Series GT and physics-defying X6. Over yonder Atlantic pond, the European market gets to play with the 5 Series Touring while we're left to wait for an updated 3 Series Touring. Looks like our wait is nearly over.

Our spy photographers snapped a camo-clad 3 Series wagon undergoing testing. We assume that involves cramming it with groceries, puppies, hockey equipment and golf clubs. The 3 Series is due for its update, and we're excited to see what it looks like under all of that Starry Night-inspired camouflage. Now, if we could convince BMW to give us back the 5 Series Touring, we'd cut off our ear to show our gratitude.

Try to find the revised lines of the next generation BMW 3 Series Touring by clicking through the gallery.

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