Enthusiast builds DIY Sensei Ninja 250 electric motorcycle

After clicking through a number of electric motorcycle articles here on AutoblogGreen, automotive enthusiast Bill Mills became obsessed with battery-powered two-wheelers, so much so that Mills set out to build an electrified bike of his own.

Called the Sensei, Mills' electric motorcycle is built on the frame of a Kawasaki Ninja 250. Mills says the Sensei is an "urban commuter bike" that's equipped with 24 aircraft-grade lithium iron phosphate batteries. The Sensei boasts a decent top speed of 55 miles per hour, a range of approximately 30 miles and, according to Mills, "accelerates smoothly in traffic." Mills says the the effective power density offered by lithium iron phosphate batteries means the Sensei has almost the same weight and center of gravity as the gas-powered two-wheeler upon which it is based.

Click here to discover how Mills' urban electric two-wheeler went from dream to reality, and maybe you can be inspired to create your own gas-free ride.

[Source: Corin]

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