T3 Motion to show off T3, R3 electric vehicles in New York

T3 Motion R3 prototype – Click above for high-res image gallery

T3 Motion, makers of the Segway-ish T3 electric stand-up vehicle and the oddly configured three-wheeled electric R3, has announced that T3 Day is coming to New York City on August 12. Experience Square, located just outside the NYSE, will host the event where riding the T3 will likely be the main attraction. The two-passenger R3 will also be on display.

The T3 is a three-wheeled mobility device designed for use by security personnel. Some of the T3's notable features include its zero-degree turning radius, its ability to hit speeds of up to 15 miles per hour and its 30-mile range. Operating costs for the T3 are claimed to be "less than 10 cents per day."

Moving on to the R3 prototype (pictured), T3 Motion describes it as a "sophisticated plug-in consumer electric vehicle that offers a marriage of advanced technology and environmental friendliness in a stunning package." Out back, the R3 features twin tires mounted on a single rear wheel. The R3's top speed is listed at 70 miles per hour and its range rings in at up to 100 miles. T3 Motion isn't ready to reveal a launch date for the R3, but says a price of $25,000 to $35,000 sounds 'bout right.

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T3 Motion Will Showcase T3 and R3 Series Electric Vehicles at the NYSE

COSTA MESA, Calif., July 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- www.t3motion.com - T3 Motion, Inc. (NYSE AMEX:TTTM) a producer of clean technology electric vehicles, announces T3 Day at the NYSE on August 12, 2011. Experience Square, located on the street just outside the NYSE will host the event which will feature rides on the T3, a cutting-edge 'green' personal mobility vehicle and will showcase the sleek, two-passenger R3 vehicle with its innovative design and state-of-the-art technology.

T3 Series Features:

The T3 is a personal mobility vehicle specialized for use by law enforcement and security officers. The T3 leads the industry in these key features:

Cost of operation less than 10 cents per day
Zero-degree turning radius
Two rechargeable, swap-able batteries
Speeds up to 20 mph
9-inch raised platform provides a superior vantage point
24/7 operation

R3 Series Features:

The R3 is a sophisticated plug-in consumer electric vehicle that offers a marriage of advanced technology and environmental friendliness in a stunning package that provides a unique and fun driving experience. The R3 features include:

A proprietary (patent pending) single, wide-stance, rear wheel with two high-performance tires sharing one rim
Low rolling resistance
T3 Motion's intelligent power management battery system
An in-car, integrated "black box" video and data recording system
Two-seater with FWD
Speeds up to 70 mph

About T3 Motion, Inc.

T3 Motion, Inc. (NYSE Amex:TTTM) revolutionized the world of personal mobility with the introduction of their flagship electric T3 Series. Headquartered in Orange County, California, USA, T3 Motion, Inc. is dedicated to raising the bar for law enforcement and security capabilities in personal mobility technology.

This year, T3 Motion unveiled the R3 plug-in electric consumer vehicle prototype. The proprietary rear-wheel design of the R3 features a patent-pending, single, wide-stance wheel with two high-performance tires sharing one wheel. The revolutionary two-tire design improves traction, stability, and handling, while the low rolling resistance and rounded profile of the rear tires increase energy efficiency. The R3 will incorporate the Samsung Galaxy into the sleek dashboard design. Due to its three-wheeled design, the R3 is classified as a motorcycle.

For more information on T3 Motion, Inc. and the company's signature T3 Series line of electric personal mobility vehicles, and the upcoming R3 consumer vehicle, visit www.t3motion.com, email sales@t3motion.com or call 714-619-3600.

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