Skypump Charges Your Car, Bills Mother Nature [VIDEO]

Imagine this scenario: you're out in your electric vehicle and you're just about to run out of battery range. What to do? Charge it of course. But where? There's already a ton of confusion about who, what and where EV charging stations will be installed. Also, there's the whole 'where does the energy come from?' thing. But, the solution isn't too difficult: let Mother Nature foot the bill. GE Energy Industrial Solutions along with Urban Green Energy combined the GE WattStation with UGE's wind and solar-powered Sanya Streetlamp. The result is Skypump.

The combination of solar and wind power creates enough sustainable energy to power an embedded street lamp and charge an electric car. GE claims its WattStation can charge an EV in as few as 4-8 hours, but it's unknown if the nature-powered Skypump will meet those same standards. The station uses a SAE J1772 connector, which is compatible with most new EVs, including the Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, and Th!nk City.

[Source: Inhabitat via Engadget]

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