Driver Damages Cars Worth More Than $1 Million

Catastrophe in Monte Carlo involved 5 supercars

Car accidents are never fun and often expensive. In certain parts of the world, accidents can push expenses into the stratosphere, and Monte Carlo has reportedly just played host to such a fender bender. A woman was driving a Bentley Azure near the Monte Carlo Casino when she doubled-down on a nearby Mercedes-Benz S-Class. That scrape led to the Azure meeting a Ferrari 430, Aston Martin Rapide and Porsche 911.

For the drooling bodyshop owners reading along, the UK's Daily Mail notes this collision involves over a million dollars worth of machinery. Total damage estimates are reportedly much more modest, however, somewhere in the neighborhood of $65,000, but judging by some of the pictures we've seen, such estimates seems laughably low.

Adding insult to injury? The driver and passengers of the Bentley droptop couldn't get out of their car. Hundreds of tourists snapped photos of the carnage while the occupants of the Azure could only sit and smile for the cameras.

See more pictures of the accident below:

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