Jeremy Clarkson to narrate Forza 4

Jeremy Clarkson is coming to an Xbox near you. The Top Gear presenter has reportedly joined forces with Turn 10 Studios to lend his voice and automotive knowledge to the company's upcoming Forza 4 video game.
There's a portion of Forza 4 called AutoVista, which is an in-game showroom where players can examine cars in great detail. Clarkson provides commentary in this area of the game, giving players his voiced-over viewpoint on specific cars.

We can only hope and assume that the commentary will include some of Jezza's trademark catchphrases like " the world." Regardless, adding Clarkson only rounds out the amount of Top Gear goodies found in the new game, all of which should be enough to have at least a few Sony PS3 owners considering making the switch to Microsoft's Xbox 360.

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