Toyota Prius-inspired bicycle takes on its final shape

What if the Toyota Prius were a bicycle?

For Prius Project No. 011, Toyota called on one of the most respected names in cycling, Parlee Cycles, to answer that question. Ten weeks later, the Prius-inspired bicycle (pictured above) emerged. Countless hours went into designing, developing and perfecting the monocoque carbon-fiber bicycle and its one-of-a-kind brainwave operated shifter.

This amazing concept bike is, according to Toyota, "a purpose-built machine that blends simplicity with the complex to become a better, more efficient version of itself." Because it is "imbued with the spirit of a Prius," the so-called PXP concept bike has the potential to impact the future of cycling.

What's next? Well, the PXP will tour the country to demonstrate the power of asking what might seem to be a simple question: What if?

[Source: Toyota Prius Projects, Prolly Is Not Probably]

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