PSA: Autoblog Beta becomes the real deal tomorrow

Ladies and gentlemen, we're going to flip the switch tomorrow around noon and Autoblog Beta will become the real Autoblog. If you haven't checked out the beta and given us your feedback yet, there's still time if you click here. And don't think you're off the hook once the new site launches; we still want to hear your feedback and know about any bug sightings or suggestions.

I'll save the flowery thoughts and thank you remarks for tomorrow, but we sincerely hope that you enjoy what we've done and appreciated the process by which it was achieved. Feedback through the Beta site from readers like you helped shaped the final product and kept us on the right path of evolution. I've been involved with every redesign of Autoblog since the very beginning, and feel that v5.0 is far and away the best in both design and execution.

So enjoy your last day with the old girl in her current form. Come tomorrow, she'll be a whole new woman.

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