Midwest most loyal to Big Three while the Coasts favor imports

Loyalty to a particular car brand seems to fluctuate as you move throughout the country. Certain makes sell well in one area of the U.S., yet that same make might fall flat in other parts of the country. One buying pattern is certainly clear, however, as car shoppers in the midwest flock to domestic brands while those on the coast prefer imports.

In Detroit (surprise, surprise) and St. Louis, car shoppers opt for domestic brands 67 percent of the time. By comparison, domestic car purchases account for just 27 percent of the market in both Los Angeles and San Diego. The desire for imports isn't a West Coast trend either, as Miami (35 percent), Boston (33 percent) and New York (32 percent) prefer imported makes, as well.

Domestic automakers are gaining traction in new areas thanks to updated and improved lineups. General Motors, for example, has seen strong sales of the Camaro all over the country. Still, the imports aren't letting up easily – Hyundai and Kia are setting internal sales records on a monthly basis, and we don't see that trend dying anytime soon.

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