Future Shock: Some extra Current for Tesla?

Tesla Current Design Concept – Click above for image gallery

Tesla Roadster sales may be nearing an end, but, with the Model S coming up in 2012, odds are that the EV maker won't be idle for long. By 2013, Tesla is also looking to have the Model X CUV silently rolling along highways. After that there could be a Roadster replacement, and even a smaller, more affordable model. All things considered, that's a pretty full plate for a manufacturer the size of Tesla.

However, that hasn't stopped design student Max Ostap from sketching out a sleek sedan with partially obscured rear wheels and more than a hint of future. Think of it as the replacement for the Model S, a design cycle or two down the line. In fact, Max has done more than sketch – that's not a rendering, it's a photo of a 1/5-scale model. Max describes the vehicle as a high-speed cruiser designed for the needs of a future "autobahn-like" highway connecting Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. Hopefully it'll be packing enough current to make the trip.

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[Source: Max Ostrap]

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