Back in June, when Tesla CEO Elon Musk was out and about trying to convince investment bankers to buy the stock in his company at the initial offering price, one of the slides in his presentation deck showed some thumbnail images of the Model S and the currently planned follow-on models.
Among those was a convertible that will hopefully one day replace the Roadster, Tesla's first product. Unlike the mid-motor Roadster which is derived from the architecture of the Lotus Elise, the new car will be born from the same platform as the Model S, allowing it to be a four-seater. Left Lane News has produced a larger rendering based on that thumbnail and it shows a huge departure from the current Roadster.

Instead it looks like a blend of Fisker Karma S, Tesla Model S and second generation Dodge Viper with its massive side vents. It's not particularly original but it sure has the aggressive looks one might expect of a sporting machine. Given that the thumbnail appeared in a road-show presentation and that it's still at least three years from production – and that Tesla has acknowledged the design of the Model S isn't even final yet – anything is possible.

[Source: Left Lane News]

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