Hyundai replacing Sanyo ad in London's Piccadilly Circus

For the first time since 1994, one of the famed Piccadilly Lights is changing. The enormous illuminated advertising banners in Piccadilly Circus, London's equivalent of Times Square, are iconic tourist attractions, as well as monuments to the power of corporate advertising.

Hyundai has managed to finagle itself a spot in Piccadilly Circus, replacing Sanyo, who took over from Panasonic 17 years ago. For the privilege, Hyundai is expected to pay England's Land Securities between £1m and £5m a year. For a little perspective on how rare this change is, consider this: Coca-Cola has had its spot in Piccadilly since 1955.

Before Hyundai takes over its spot this fall, Land Securities will change the sign from neon to LED illumination.

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