VW Scirocco Cup driver learns victory champagne is slippery

Ola Nilsson slips in victory champagne – Click above to watch video after the jump

There are innumerable perils associated with driving a race car. From the bloodthirsty competitors nipping at your back bumper to breakneck speeds to notoriously unforgiving crash barriers, death and bodily harm loom at every apex. One might think that after successfully vanquishing the competition and taking a checkered flag for your very own that you'd get the chance to relax for half a second without having to worry about your relatives cashing in on your substantial life insurance policy. Not so for Ola Nilsson, a Swedish driver in the 2011 Volkswagen Scirocco R Cup.

Nilsson apparently managed to beat out the rest of the field at the Norisring in Nuremberg to take the top spot on the podium and was busy showering his competitors with victory champagne when he stepped down, lost his footing in the bubbly and went down. But, hey – if you're going to make a fool of yourself in front of God, the internet and everyone else, you might as well do it soaked in victory bubbly. Hit the jump to see the oops moment for yourself.

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