Video: Infineon Raceway shows off its flock of 3,000 lawn-mowing sheep

Flock of sheep at Infineon Raceway – Click above to watch video after the jump

Infineon Raceway outside of Sonoma, California, has turned to a shepherd, a sheep dog and 3,000 sheep to mow its grass and remove its unsightly weeds, thus reducing fire hazards.

About those 3,000 sheep: they're a decidedly low-tech way to keep the grass short. This allows Infineon Raceway to ditch its collection of gasoline-gulping lawn mowers, weed whackers and, we'd assume, its crew of landscapers too.

Who says racing can't be at least somewhat environmentally friendly? Hit the jump to watch the grass-devouring sheep chomp away at the brush that surrounds the famed Infineon Raceway.

[Source: YouTube]

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