Mugen shows Honda CR-Z RR Concept at Goodwood

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Mugen is not a name that one would be shocked to hear announced over the Goodwood Festival of Speed PA system. The Honda CR-Z, however, is a car that festival goers would be surprised to see idling ahead of its run up the hill. Upon closer inspection, though, you would see a bunch of aero bits, hear a racy exhaust thump and see the Mugen badge on the rear end. The Mugen CR-Z that we showed off earlier was not the only tuned hybrid two-seater at Goodwood. In fact, it wasn't the only CR-Z that Mugen brought along. Like a lonely Skywalker... there is another.

The Honda CR-Z Mugen RR Concept also showed its aggressive face at the Festival of Speed. The RR Concept goes a step further into the race-ready arena than the Mugen CR-Z. The exterior aero bits are more focused for track use, but there is no word on the performance figures created by what's under the hood. Mugen says this vehicle is being used as a study to help define future performance models. Take a look at it from both angles in our gallery below.
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Announcement of CR-Z concept models

At the GOODWOOD FESTIVAL OF SPEED taking place in the United Kingdom, beginning with the moving motor show on June 30th, and the festival itself from July 1st to 3rd; MUGEN, consisting of the Japanese company, M-TEC Co., Ltd, and its UK subsidiary MUGEN Euro Co., Ltd, announced the World debut for two concept models, "Honda CR-Z MUGEN RR Concept," and "MUGEN CR-Z Concept."

These two concept models should be categorized as "Design Study Model" and "Performance Concept Model" under the totally different themes. MUGEN has taken the knowledge and experience gained at racing fields and through development of tuning parts, and applied them to the models. Also special thought toward CR-Z which helped MUGEN to create new category is embodied into them.

"Honda CR-Z MUGEN RR Concept"

Honda CR-Z MUGEN RR Concept adopting "RR" as its name which represents MUGEN racing sprit needs to be regarded as totally different CR-Z. MUGEN introduces this vehicle as a study model which the future design MUGEN envisions is reflected on.

As exclusive exterior parts, front aero bumper, front aero fender, side spoiler, rear aero bumper, rear wing, 18" wheels are developed. MUGEN never compromise their material and design. With help of those parts, the vehicle itself has a presence like super sports car without being possessed with stereotype HYBRID vehicle image. As for interior, orange is selected as a basic color and various carbon parts are installed and which could appeal to driver's sense.

This is the very model which MUGEN, having worked with Honda in racing filed and developed parts for Honda mass production models and furthermore knows every details of Honda, can create.

"MUGEN CR-Z Concept"

MUGEN CR-Z Concept is a performance concept model created through as a collaborative programme between Honda (UK) and MUGEN.

Adopting a super charger and thanks to the powertrain managed by an unique "MUGEN iCF System," 200ps/22.0kg-m is accomplished.

Making the most use of advantages of the super charger and IMA system, MUGEN enables the output characteristic to give flat power and torque curves throughout the rpm range to improve drivability on any streets and contribute to fuel efficiency well-balancefully.

Weight-saving is also challenged in order to improve handling and acceleration performance which increased output cannot accomplish. Furthermore, due to the adoption of carbon composites for the bonnet and doors and the removal of the rear seats, and adoption of full bucket seats, MUGEN has achieved a reduction of over 50kg compared to the OE package, which gives an improved power to weight ratio of 5.4 kg/ps, compared to 9.1 kg/ps (OE), and its time record is quite close to that of CIVIC TYPE R (FN2) at 0-100km/h acceleration test.

For the brake system being capable of power upgraded by 50% compared to that of OE, monoblock opposite 4 piston caliper is adopted, which enables a driver to drive at a corner comfortably in spite of 200ps power. Furthermore, MUGEN original 5 ADJ. suspension is adopted and exclusively tuned considering power, weight balance, and brake performance.

The MUGEN CR-Z can be seen in action twice-daily at the GOODWOOD FESTIVAL OF SPEED.

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