Infographic crunches the staggering numbers of Formula 1 racing

F1 infographic – Click above for high-res image

Did you know that just the steering wheel in a modern F1 racer costs about as much as your car? That a driver will lose about four and a half pounds over the course of a grand prix? Or that an F1 car gets about 3.1 miles to the gallon?

The numbers in Formula 1 racing are absolutely staggering, but fortunately, our friends over at Netcars have mapped it all out in the most user-friendly way possible: that's right, an infographic.

Some other tidbits of information: an F1 car takes just 1.7 seconds to hit 62 miles per hour from a standstill, and can top out around 257 mph. And to slow the car from 200 mph coming down a straightaway to 115 for a sweeping corner, it takes about as much force as it would to make an elephant jump 33 feet in the air. Seriously. But we don't want to give it all away – click on the above image to view the infographic in full detail.

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