Is this the 2013 Cadillac ATS?

The keen-eyed crew over at GMInsideNews may have snagged the best view yet of the upcoming Cadillac ATS chassis. Board member Elvisuperman snapped a screen capture of the introduction video at, which seems to show an engineer hard at work on what might be the Alpha platform. The bare shell is a four-door sedan with short overhangs, what looks to have a rear-wheel drive configuration and rear flanks that don't match anything else in the General Motors stable at the moment. So, could this be the bones of the company's 3 Series fighter?

It's hard telling. We wouldn't think that the people at GM would be so absent-minded as to slather the chassis of one of the most anticipated vehicles from Cadillac all over the main page, but stranger things have happened.

Word on the web is that the ATS (real name to come) will pack a turbocharged V6 engine when it lands on dealer lots, though GM has yet to announce any powertrain options. Stay tuned, and head over to to see the video for yourself.

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