Man born without arms changes brakes on car with his feet

Matt Stutzsman changes his brake pads with his feet - Click above to watch the video after the jump

Judging by the fact that you're reading Autoblog right now, you most likely love cars. Yet spending all your time ogling the latest in auto news doesn't make you a mechanic, and we're guessing there are a significant number of you (and a few of us on here on staff) who don't change their own brake pads, among other things.

29-year-old Matt Stutzsman is one of those do-it-yourself wrench-turners, but unlike most of us, he was born without arms. To prove that he has the right stuff to change his own brakes, Stutzsman decided to pop by a friend's shop to change the brakes on his Pontiac Grand Prix, which he drives by using his left foot to operate the throttle and brake pedals, and the right foot for steering and other functions.

Hit the jump to watch video of Stutzsman changing his brakes with his feet without even breaking a sweat. What makes this video really compelling is that Stutzsman treats the nine-plus minute tutorial as a learning opportunity for the rest of us, and not as a way of showing what he can do without arms. Nicely done, sir!

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