3-Way Street shows how dangerous a NYC intersection can be

3-Way Street – Click above to watch video after the jump

At any given moment, the scene at a random intersection in New York City can be a picture of controlled chaos. Motor vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians come together en masse as millions of folks go about their daily Big Apple routines. Artist Ron Gabriel decided to capture this bit of everyday mayhem, and trained a camera on one NYC intersection. The resulting video is called 3-Way Street, and shows just how crazy our various modes of transportation can be when converging in one area.

This isn't about one group of folks being more dangerous than another. It's clear that some motorists, cyclists and pedestrians either aren't paying attention or like to take big chances. Gabriel has stated that the video isn't designed to pick out one section of a problem, but to show that it takes all sections of the problem if change is to take place.

That would be one hefty movement, since Gabriel points out that this is just one of 12,370 intersections in NYC.

Click past the jump to watch 3-Way Street, and check out the artist's statement on the video.

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