Ride along during a Pikes Peak practice session in the mightily manhandled RZR-X

Doug Siddens and his RZR during a Pikes Peak practice session – Click above to watch the video after the jump

We all love talking about the Unlimited Class vehicles that take on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (for good reason, of course). There are plenty of other classes though, and some of the drivers helming these vehicles are clearly insane.

Take Doug Siddens, for example. Siddens is running a customized Polaris RZR, which has been tuned by MCX-USA and now produces around 300 horsepower. The original motor has been swapped out in favor of an Apex 998-cc turbocharged engine that was taken from a Yamaha snowmobile. Siddens runs the vehicle in the Exhibition Powersport class, which was just launched in 2010. That year, his RZR had less power, yet still ran up the hill in 14:03.

Click past the jump to ride along with Siddens as he runs up Pikes Peak during a practice session for this year's upcoming race. Controlling his RZR is clearly a full-time job, and Siddens is working overtime. Also, be sure to check out photos of his vehicle in the gallery below, and check out for information on the build process.

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