Nissan Altima Hybrid axed for 2012 model year

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If you've ever wanted to purchase a Nissan Altima Hybrid, now's the time. The 2011 model-year Altima Hybrid marks the vehicles last hurrah. According to Kicking Tires, the Altima Hybrid suffered dismal sales in its lifespan, mostly due to the fact that the vehicle was only sold in a handful of states (those that stuck to California's stricter emissions standards), unlike its main competitors.

Originally launched in 2007, the Altima Hybrid was Nissan's first foray into the gas-electric arena, using a Toyota-derived hybrid drive system. According to the EPA, the Altima Hybrid is rated to achieve 33 miles per gallon in combined driving. Not bad, but quite weak when you consider that 40 mpg is the new benchmark.

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