Google adds plug-in vehicles to Gfleet, its employee car-sharing program

Google likes plug-in vehicles. Since 2007, the company has put money into the RechargeIt program, which started with converted plug-in Toyota Prius models because – get this – back then, you couldn't just go buy a plug-in vehicle. Over four years, Google has added vehicles to this Gfleet, a collection of plug-in vehicles that employees can use in a car-sharing program. There are Chevy Volts, Nissan Leafs, those original Priuses and more in the 30+ vehicle Gfleet today (or coming soon), and more are on the order books.

It gets better, though. Google is going to put electric charging stations at five percent of its parking spaces. The 71 new, Level 2 chargers come from Coulomb and form part of the 450 chargers (Level 1 and 2) that will be installed soon. Of course, charging will be free at Google. You can see a pro-EV, pro-Google video about Gfleet after the jump. Thanks to Miroslav M. for the tip!

[Source: Google]

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