Visit Motorplex Minneapolis, the Twin Cities' incredible garage village

Motorplex Minneapolis – Click above to view video after the jump

Motorplex Minneapolis is a one-of-a-kind condo development in the suburban Twin Cities. Unlike most condominium spreads, it's not in a garden spot for vacations, and doesn't have a golf course. That's because it doesn't need any of that. The brainchild of former corporate exec Bruno Silikowsky, Motorplex is a country club for cars.

Silikowsy developed the idea partly as a business proposition and partly to satisfy his own dream of a country club atmosphere for car guys. Opened in 2008, Motorplex offers 120 unfinished garage units ranging in size and price from $40,000 all the way up to $500,000. Owners can do with the interiors of their "man caves" as they please, and almost all of the units make any even the most well thought-out home garage look like a shotgun shack.

What's perhaps nicest about the Minnesota garage mahal complex is that twice a month, the whole place is open to the public, creating convivial impromptu car shows. Not only is it a nice community-minded gesture, the owner admits it's also been great for finding new clients – Minneapolis Motorplex is 97-percent occupied.

Silikowsy says he's looking to add more units to the 40-acre spread, which he says was designed to look like a European village. It looks a bit more like a bunch of stylized steel buildings outside to us, but who cares? Now all it needs is a racetrack. Click through to the jump for the NBC KARE 11 video.

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