Saab production stoppages still possible this week

It sounds like Saab can't win for losing. Reuters is reporting that the Swedish automaker had to stop production again on Tuesday, June 6, due to possible parts shortages. Saab just recently started its lines back up after a nearly two-month stoppage brought about by cash shortages.
Apparently, not all of the company's suppliers have been fully paid, which could account for the lack of components. Saab says it fully expects things at the company's plant to be back on track by the end of the week.

Meanwhile, the company's deal with Chinese distributor Pangda is still awaiting approval from the People's Republic. The deal is expected to go through without a hitch. Even so, it won't mean an end to the problems that Saab is currently facing. Reuters quotes Tim Colbeck, the company's new chief operating officer, as saying that the Pangda deal is a good midterm solution to help carry the troubled automaker through the remainder of 2012.

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