Motor Trend revisits the 1963 Indy 500, drives Parnelli Jones' Ol' Calhoun

Motor Trend's Angus MacKenzie drives Ol' Calhoun – Click above to watch video after the jump

Angus MacKenzie has driven cars that many men and women dream about even catching a glimpse of. But what is the Motor Trend editor in chief's dream ride? Nothing less than the car Parnelli Jones drove to victory at the 1963 Indianapolis 500: Ol' Calhoun.

Jones drove Ol' Calhoun at Indy for four consecutive years. In 1961 he came close to winning the race, but the car let him down. In '62, Jones used Ol' Calhoun to become the first driver to qualify at over 150 miles per hour, yet he still finished the race in seventh. Victory came in 1963, when Jones led for 167 of the 200 laps. Still, Ol' Calhoun nearly put an end to that thanks to a cracked oil reservoir. Luckily, race officials didn't black flag Jones for the leaking oil, and he continued on to take the checkered flag.

For MacKenzie, that car has been an object of affection ever since he was a boy, and this year, he finally got opportunity to drive his childhood love on the hallowed grounds at Indy. Motor Trend filmed the event, creating a 22-minute video that also includes the history of the car and a chat with Parnelli Jones himself. Follow the jump to watch Angus MacKenzie meet the legend and his race car.

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