Ferrari FXX worse for wear after incident at Laguna Seca

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Crashed Ferrari FXX at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca – Click above for high-res image gallery

It was Sunday morning at the Ferrari Racing Days at Laguna Seca, and the Corse Clienti cars were out on track when corners workers began waving the black flag to bring all the drivers into the pits. Everyone came in, save for one of the three FXXs.

Moments later, we confirmed our fears: the driver had gone off track at the Corkscrew and stuffed the nose of the FXX into the tire wall.

We don't know exactly what went wrong, but fortunately, the damage to the car seemed fairly minor and not serious enough to have hurt the driver. For the most part, it looked like the car will just need new front bodywork, and we wouldn't be surprised if it was ready in time for its next scheduled outing next month in Montreal. You can get a closer look at the damaged FXX in the high-res gallery below.

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