Patina'd 2010 Chevrolet Camaro headed to Power Tour

Bill Rombauts and his buddy Dave Sherer have taken the patina'd rat rod look to new heights, applying the rust-first philosophy to a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS. Before going all Father Time on the paint job, the two spent close to $100,000 giving the car as much go as it has show.

Underneath all that affected rust and thinning paint lives a worked-over Kenne Bell supercharged 485-cubic-inch V8 based on a GM Performance Parts block. Before the addition of the blown 485, the Chevrolet was pumping out in the neighborhood of 650 rear-wheel-horsepower and tripping the lights in around 11 seconds through the quarter mile. Now, Sherer and Rombauts are looking for the 10-second range, and won't say what kind of power the car makes.

Say what you will about the decision to make a brand-new Camaro look like it's 30 years old, but you definitely can't argue with this thing's gusto. With prodigious power, a $100K mod list and a paint scheme some might call ugly, it's also guaranteed to make a stir on Power Tour 2011. To make that goal a reality, Rombauts and Sherer are looking for sponsors to get their car to and from the Tour.

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