Italian bus driver fired for driving with elbows while using two phones

Bus Driver with two cell phones – Click above to watch video after the jump

The Italians sure do know how to live. Their vehicles are more beautiful, their meals more delicious and their bus drivers more distracted. Just take a look at the video after the jump to see what we mean.

While jostling through the hectic traffic of Rome (of course it's in Rome, where else?) this particular driver took the time to attempt to set up his email on a new smartphone while speaking to customer service on a second handheld device. That's right, this guy was rocking two phones at once while ferrying a load of people through the city streets.

Now, you may be wondering exactly how the mechanics of such a situation would play out. Our enterprising pilot took to steering the bus by using his elbows. According to The Guardian, the company that owns the bus service has suspended the driver pending a full investigation. Still, it's terrifying to know that this guy is likely still behind the wheel of his personal vehicle. Click past the break to see the full video for yourself.

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