Space Shuttle Endeavour Makes Its Final Liftoff [VIDEO]

Today marked the penultimate flight for the NASA shuttle program with the 25th and final liftoff of the space shuttle Endeavour. The Endeavour will deliver equipment and supplies to the ISS including a particle physics experiment module (Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer) and a payload platform (ExPRESS Logistics Carrier). US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords watched as her husband, commander Mark Kelly, executed a perfect launch from the Kennedy Space Center. Giffords has been recovering in Houston after an assassination attempt earlier this year in Tucson, AZ during a shooting spree that wounded her and killed six others. Amazingly, she was able to attend the liftoff.

Over the next 17 days, the crew of the Endeavour will be setting up the new equipment and completing a few space walks. You can watch it all on NASA's Livestream along with a replay of the launch ( shown below).

The final flight in the NASA shuttle missions will begin June 28th when the Atlantis makes its last liftoff.

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