Aston Martin working on Cygnet EV

Here's a bit of news that's sure to acquaint faces with their respective palms all across the motoring world: word on the web is that Aston Martin is planning to produce an all-electric version of the company's new compact, the Cygnet. This, friends, is why people drink in the morning. The vehicle is all but guaranteed to be a reworked version of the Toyota iQ EV, as you probably figured out all on your own.

Why would Aston Martin, a company that's built its legacy on the aching chords sung by mighty V8 and V12 engines possibly forsake the altar of internal combustion for a battery pack? The same reason every other manufacturer on the planet is dabbling in electrons – to reduce its corporate average fuel economy and slim down emissions at the same time. Does this mean we can expect some other electrified coupes from Aston Martin wearing more appropriately British bodywork? Don't hold your breath.

We can't wait to see what Clarkson has to say about this one.

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