Why your car might buzz uncontrollably if you are late making your next payment

A company by the name of Rocky Mountain Tracking is out to make sure that car buyers never forget another payment so long as they live. The GPS manufacturer has developed a new device that can be remotely activated to generate a loud buzzing noise should a delinquent consumer forget to make their payment. The appropriately-named Smart Tracker Payment Reminder Buzzer can immediately be deactivated once the borrower is caught back up and on schedule. While the Smart Tracker has been on the market for a while now, the buzzing feature is a new option.
Car dealerships frequently install devices like the Smart Tracker to keep tabs on the location of vehicles sold to high-risk customers. The device can accurately locate the vehicle should a visit from the repo man become necessary, making the dealer's life considerably easier. In addition, the devices protect both the owner and the dealer in the event of a theft. Head over to Rocky Mountain Tracking to see the rest of the company's wares and hit the jump for a full press release.
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Rocky Mountain Tracking Creates a GPS Buzz That Auto Dealers Can't Ignore

FORT COLLINS, Colo., May 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Rocky Mountain Tracking's Smart Tracker Payment Reminder Buzzer makes late car payments hard to forget.

The loud five-minute interval buzzing of the Payment Reminder Buzzer is difficult to ignore. Some may call the loud and constant buzzing noise annoying. High-risk car dealerships are calling the Payment Remind Buzzer ingenious.

Low credit or no credit dealerships often take a chance when selling vehicles. In some cases, buyers who are trying to rebuild credit pay every month like clockwork. In most cases, these consumers skip more than one payment. When this happens, dealers have very few options.

The introduction of Rocky Mountain Tracking's Smart Tracker to the automotive industry changed the way that high-risk car dealerships did business. The Smart Tracker anti theft devices effectively track vehicles of all kinds around the clock.

When a vehicle has been hidden or stolen, the Smart Tracker anti theft device is there. When a consumer tries to leave town, the Smart Tracker goes along for the ride.

Now, the Smart Tracker Payment Reminder Buzzer makes it impossible for the vehicle owner to forget about making a late car payment.

As soon as a payment has been skipped, dealers can send out a noisy reminder. When a payment has been made, the buzzing noise can be stopped. Activations and deactivations are made through RMT's signature NavIQ software. This is the same software that allows dealers to track and recover the vehicle on-demand. Late payment alerts can also be made through phone, email, and text.

The Payment Reminder Buzzer is an optional component of the Smart Tracker anti theft device. To learn more about the Smart Tracker, why Rocky Mountain Tracking is a GPS industry leader, or the Payment Reminder Buzzer, please visit the Rocky Mountain Tracking website at http://www.rmtracking.com.

As a trusted name within the GPS tracking industry, RMT is nationally recognized by auto dealers as the primary choice for anti theft devices. They a full GPS installation service with over 1700 GPS installers in the United States. To find out how RMT can help your dealership, call them at: 888-242-0500.

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