Gamers Take Note: Charlotte Motor Speedway installs world's largest HDTV [w/video]

World's largest HDTV screen – Click above to watch the video after the break

The immense LCD television that resides within the home stadium of the Dallas Cowboys is no longer the largest in the world. That honor now rests with the Charlotte Motor Speedway, which has installed a 200-foot-by-80-foot screen that would make even Miles Finch jealous.

The screen to end all screens, which makes its official debut during the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race on May 21, is located between turns two and three across from the finish line. As if the live action wasn't big enough.

To make the massive display all the more impressive, it can also be hooked up to a gaming console for some ridiculous driving simulation action. Sprint Cup champion Dale Earnhardt Jr. even got to fit in some laps in the driving simulator... like he doesn't already get enough track time.

You may or may not think a 200-foot-wide screen is cool, but we're to busy cooking up schemes to elicit an invite for the next Gran Turismo 5 tournament at the Speedway. Check out the video after the break of the massive screen in action.

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