Shelby and Felt Bicycles team up for custom cruiser

Felt Shelby Cruiser – Click above for high-res image gallery

Carroll Shelby has made quite a name for himself over the years, so much so that he has an entire licensing division to handle how the legendary Shelby name and logo can be used. Shelby Licensing works closely with companies that build replicas or continuation cars, but also with non-automotive businesses that make products ranging from clothing apparel to furniture and watches. The latest is Felt Bicycles, which has built a limited edition cruiser that "exudes the Shelby image and culture."

As is only fitting, the Shelby Cruiser is slathered in Wimbledon White paint accented by Guardsman Blue racing stripes to honor the company's famous livery. The bike itself is constructed using Felt's hydro-formed aluminum tank frame and features three-speed Shimano Nexus internal gearing and 36-spoke wheels. Felt says that the Shelby Cruiser will be available in stores later this month, with pricing set at $999. Follow the jump for the official PR, or check out a gallery of the bike below.
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Felt Bicycles, a global leader of innovative and state-of-the-art competition bicycles, is pleased to announce its new agreement with Carroll Shelby Licensing. Felt and Shelby Licensing have teamed up to design and develop a cruiser that pays homage to the iconic Shelby image. The Shelby Cruiser will be a limited edition offering and available worldwide.

"Carroll is known for his determination to succeed and his passion for performance," said Felt President Bill Duehring. "These attributes propelled Shelby to the pinnacle of auto racing and inspired a legion of fans. At Felt Bicycles, we share these same values and we are honored to be part of this project."

Felt designers worked hand-in-hand with the Shelby team to create a bike that exudes the Shelby image and culture. Designers drew upon the wealth of Shelby racing traditions when developing the design and graphic scheme. The bike features the legendary Wimbledon White and Guardsman Blue paint scheme that adorned many of Shelby's vintage cars, including the famed GT350.

"Felt Bicycles is a world renowned competition and high performance bicycle manufacturer and designer," noted Tracey Smith, vice president of Carroll Shelby Licensing. "The team at Felt understands the passion that drives many Shelby enthusiasts, which is similar to the spirit of competition in many Felt bike owners. Now enthusiasts can take their love of Shelbys to the bike trails, streets and beach boardwalks."

The bike is built around Felt's hydro-formed aluminum tank frame and fitted with high performance three-speed Nexus internal gearing. The bike rolls on 36 spoke wheels wrapped with "blue dot" tires to resemble automotive racing tires, and a proprietary linkage-designed springer fork affords fast and precise handling. Every detail on the bike is honed to the tradition and passion embodied by Carroll Shelby and his company.

Each of the limited edition bicycles is individually badged and serial numbered to ensure authenticity. The Shelby Cruiser will be available through Felt Bicycles and its retailers beginning in late May 2011. The bike will retail for $999.

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