Report: Lexus trademarks CT 300h, CT 400h for Australian market

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The Lexus CT 200h is a unique, though controversial, hybrid vehicle. You see, the CT aspires to offer an engaging driving experience, with the Japanese automaker's marketing efforts touting it as a sporty, youthful vehicle. And even though the CT 200h's sporty handling characteristics might seem to encourage pedal-to-the-metal driving, the vehicle's lack of power reminds drivers that it's a fuel-sipping hybrid that has no intentions of moving off the line with any degree of authority.

However, diehard Lexus hybrid fans may soon find that another gas-electric, wearing a similar badge, brings some much needed horsepower to the mix. According to The Age, Lexus has registered the CT 300h and CT 400h names, which could mean that the 200h may someday be joined be a pair of Lexus hybrids packing rather sizable engines under their hoods. The news comes via Lexus Australia's chief exec­u­tive, Tony Cramb, who added that both of the hybrid models would likely be sold in the Australian market, provided that Lexus gives either 'em production green light.

2011 Lexus CT 200h
2011 Lexus CT 200h
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[Source: The Age via Gas 2.0]

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