Calstart accelerating electric truck deployments with E-Truck Task Force

Calstart, a catalyst organization for the global clean transportation technology industry, is launching an E-Truck Task Force aimed at accelerating the development and deployment of electric and other types of "zero-emissions" (read: fuel cell-equipped) medium-and heavy-duty trucks. Calstart's primary goal is to provide focus and assistance to the trucking industry with hopes that its guidance will advance the development and, therefore, the use of zero-emissions rigs.
The E-Truck Task Force will include a cross section of fleet drivers (both those who currently own electric trucks and those who are considering purchasing one) and zero-emissions truck manufacturers and suppliers. The task force will identify key areas of electric trucks that are in need of additional development, establish joint industry approaches aimed at addressing barriers and work collaboratively to push the use of zero-emissions trucks.

The task force will meet periodically this spring and summer, leading up to the E-Truck Summit session to be held on October 11th as part of the 2011 Hybrid Truck Users Forum National Conference in Baltimore.

[Source: Green Car Congress]

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