GM's Mark Reuss says Nissan Leaf is a "single-purpose" car that he wouldn't put in the hands of his 3 kids

Mark Reuss, president of General Motors North America, is not a fan of the Nissan Leaf.

Reuss recently voiced his opinions on a slew of issues with the Nashville Business Journal, including GM's future, the role of the Chevrolet Volt and more. When the discussion turned to the electric hatch, it became obvious that Reuss has bought into the company line about the drawbacks of EVs.

Reuss explained what he believes to be the most significant drawbacks of electric-only vehicles like the Leaf, stating:
[The Leaf] has a finite range and requires infrastructure and charging to run it, where the Volt is really an extended-range electric vehicle. The Volt can really be the only car you own. You better be living within a certain range for the Leaf. ... It's a lot different market, a lot different car and a completely different driver.
While we think that Reuss should've stopped at that, he didn't. Reuss continued to rag on the Leaf, boldly stating that:
I'm not sure if I'd put the Leaf in the hands of my three kids. Say, what if they can't charge it? What if they get to school and can't charge it? The Leaf is a single-purpose car.
Has Reuss gone too far, here? Let us know what you think by voicing your thoughts in Comments below. We'd also like to ask him, if electric vehicles are so lame, why is GM working on them?

[Source: Nashville Business Journal]

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