GM employs a safer seatbelt to retain five-star safety ratings

General Motors, like all automakers, is constantly researching new means of keeping its customers safe. One of the primary lines of defense inside an automobile is the seatbelt, and GM has fitted some select vehicles with an updated latch system that gives engineers greater control over tensioner tuning. It's this increased level of control and tunability that has helped a handful of General Motors vehicles retain their five-star crash safety ratings, even as the tests get tougher.

Called the Dynamic Locking Latch Plate (DLLP), the system provides greater control over a passenger's torso in a crash. The DLLP buckles also allow GM safety engineers a greater degree of fine-tuning to make sure the airbags and belts are working together to keep the interior a safe place.

Ever since the New Car Assessment Program was updated, automakers have had to work harder to achieve five-star crash ratings. General Motors vehicles equipped with its DLLP seatbelts are scoring well in NCAP testing. Not every model gets the updated tech, but GM is utilizing the technology throughout its fleet as needed.

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